“December was a time of singing, playing, and recording Christmas songs for the Holiday Showcase,” said Jill Stark, Niobrara Public School music director. “This recording was then posted to the Niobrara Facebook page and shared with parents through a link.

“While a video is not the same thing as having the program in person, it was fun and the students learned that recording songs isn’t a one-and-one,” Stark explained. “We took three class days for high school choir, two for band and third grade, and the whole 30-minute class time for the rest of the elementary grades. My phone had lots of videos to go through and the videos chosen were sent to Google Drive and shared to Charissa Avery, school IT director, who took the videos to trim, chose the backgrounds, add photos and put together a video for the community.”

If persons haven’t yet seen the video, they can contact Stark through email or text and she will send the link.