The cast for Wakefields One Act production

The Wakefield One-Act troupe went on tour to Winnebago on Tuesday night, November 16th  for the Lewis Conference Competition.  The group placed fourth at the Conference meet, with Jackson Pommer, Ashlyn Vazquez-Catalan, Rachael Nuernberger, Kaleigh Mattes, and Cataleena Lortz receiving honorable mention.

This seasons production is "Oh, What a Tangled Web" by John R. Carrol.  
The setting of the play is the late 1970's or early 1980's.
According to Johnson the play centers around an impulse where, a young girl makes up a story, and the complications that result from it are extremely funny. Suddenly needing an excuse, the girl fumbles for a moment and then blurts out that there has been a death in the family. 
Actually, the only thing wrong in this family is that the cat is missing. In any case, people start coming over to express their concern and sympathy. The parents think they're referring to the missing cat and the hilarious complications just continue to multiply.
The full list of students involved with the play are Kaleigh Mattes, CoraLynn Rischmueller, Jackson Pommer, Rachael Nuernberger, Ashlyn Vazquez-Catalan, Cataleena Lortz, Miguel Ibarra, Bianca Castillo, Griselda Zacarias Nicolas, Milany Romero Hernandez, Michaela Beaty, Vicky Galindo, , Mayra Rodriguez, Coltlynn Lortz, Caleb Bird, Jeremiah Reimers, Nora Fernandez Emma Rapper, Mikenzie Arenas, Gabriela Arriaza,  Andrea Lopez, Dorothy Sullivan and Kasey Sullivan.
More pictures from the community production of “Oh, What a Tangled Web” can be found on the Republicans Facebook page: