The cast of For Perer Pan on her 70th Birthday

The Little Red Hen Theatre wrapped up its first production of Season 2022: “Be A Part of Our World,” with three performances of "For Peter Pan on Her 70th Birthday" by Sarah Ruhl.  
According to Managing Director T. Adam Goos "It was a joy to work on this show for our community - and the Little Red Hen couldn't be more grateful for all of the support we received to help make this extraordinary play come to life.  First and foremost, thank you to all of our Little Red Hen Patrons, without your support none of our work would be possible - thank you for helping us create these experiences!”
The cast consisted of Carolyn Wentworth Harder, Elizabeth Carlson, Buffany DeBoer, Donna Johnson, Dawn Reimers, Jason Thiel, and Champ the dog.   
The crew that helped put the finishing touches on the play included: Sharon Boeckenhauer, Barb Farup, Mimi Ruvalcaba, Zoe Craig, AJ Staskiw-Risor, and Assistant Director Audrey Loggins.   
"It's time to leave Neverland for now, but thank you to everyone for being a part of our world at The Little Red Hen Theatre," said Goos.   
Next up, on the theatre's production calendar are a pair of special performances by renowned Elvis impersonator Joseph Hall, who will present the “Rock N' Remember Elvis Tribute” on  April 22-23.
More pictures from the production can be found at the following link: