The large turn out at the Republican Convention at the Wakefield Legion Hall
By Debbie Borg

Breaking all previous Dixon county  records, 90 out of 113 registered delegates attended the Dixon County Republican Party (DCRP) convention last week in Wakefield.
“We usually only have from 6-12 county residents attending our county convention,” said former DCRP chair Leland Miner. “This was a historic moment for our county.”
Not only was the turn-out the highest in history, but Wakefield High School senior Susana Prado reported on strides Students for Life are making in the community. After meeting some initial resistance in starting the group just three short months ago, Prado commented, “I am so glad we are where we are now! I am most excited about promoting a culture of life and creating a community of support for women. We are dedicated to educating our peers about abortion, by using compassionate resources that are aimed at changing hearts and minds through peaceful and open dialog.”
In addition to Prado’s presentation, attendees heard from featured speaker Kirk Penner, State Board of Education member, who endorsed Sherry Jones District 6 State Board of Education candidate, and Nebraska GOP Executive Director Taylor Gage, who gave a state-of-the-state-party overview and admonished attendees to encourage their friends and family to vote for the GOP’s lineup of candidates in the upcoming primary and fall election.
The delegates in attendance voted to elect Debbie Borg of Allen as Chair, Josh Blatchford of Ponca as Vice Chair, Iris Dutton of Ponca as Secretary, and Ron Geis of Newcastle as Treasurer.  Nick Tramp of Allen and Logan Kingsbury of Ponca were elected as DCRP  delegates to the state convention, and Debbie Borg and Lindsey Tramp of Allen elected as alternates.
The new DCRP Chair said the executive committee is looking forward to hosting more meetings to educate citizens on issues and candidates in the coming months.