Honors students of the class of 2022


Wakefield Community Schools hosted the 2022 Commencement ceremony for 33 young men and women in the graduating class this year.
The Trojan band opened the ceremony with “Pomp and Circumstance” which served as the processional for the graduates.
Diego Martin Hernandez gave the opening, and Salutatorian Nora Fernandez gave an address.
The high school seniors sang “Glorious,” and then the friends, family and graduates watched the senior memories video.
Emma Rapper was named this year’s valedictorian, and she followed the slideshow, and then the seniors presented flowers to their families.
Mrs. Harding, Wakefield Counselor, announced this year’s scholarships and presented the honor students.
Austin Galles gave the graduation address, and Mrs. Zach and Mr. Farup then presented the diplomas to the graduates, and Farup followed with this announcement of graduation, officially bestowing the title on the seniors.
Aishah Valenzuela gave the closing, and the recessional was played by the Trojan Band.
This year’s Class Motto was “Things turn out best for people who make the best out of the way things turn out” by Art Linkletter.
The Class Flower was the cherry blossom, and the Class Color was Periwinkle.
Six seniors were honored for a 94 percent Grade-Point-Average or better for seven semesters and special recognition: Olivia Mae Donner, Nora Asusena Fernandez, Cataleena Snow Lortz, Kaleigh Mae Mattes, Emma Marie Rapper and Aisha Celeste Valenzuela.
Other graduates included:
Alessandro Anavisca Gomar;
Gabriel Dane Lamprecht;
Alexander Ardiano Orrego;
Cataleena Snow Lortz;
Mikenzie Marie Arenas;
Diego Martin Hernandez;
David Alexis Beltran Tello;
Kaleigh Mae Mattes ~;
Logan Levi Bokemper;
Braxton Miner;
Bryant Centeno;
Rachael Nicole Nuernberger;
Roberto Centeno Jr.;
Susana Lizet Prado Lopez;
Jonathan Eliud Chinchilla;
Emma Marie Rapper;
Olivia Mae Donner~;
CoraLynn Rae Rischmueller~;
Oneydi Espinoza;
Mayra Guadalupe Rodriguez;
Nora Asusena Fernandez;
Chayse Payton Roeder;
Bartolo Francisco Gonzalez Pablo;
Christopher James Ryion;
Ricardo Gonzalez Antonio;
Aishah Celeste Valenzuela ~;
Destiny Rae Helzer;
José Carlos Vargas;
Raul Salome Juan;
Andres Velazquez Chavez;
Edgar Juarez;
Armando Villa;
Kaden Lee Kratke