The Civic Center parking lot under contruction

Work began this week on the parking lot of the Wakefield Civic Center and Senior Center, with the paving and asphalt project that had been approved at the April City Council meeting.
City Administrator Chad Mackling reported on Tuesday that the parking lot curbing with concrete had been started this week, and is expected to be completed the first week of July, and then the second phase, the main asphalting of the parking lot area, can begin, perhaps around July 6.
Laser Pro Concrete from Humphrey will be doing the curb work and Barkely’s Asphalt from Sioux City will be handling the major part of the parking area. The two were chosen from the four bids the Council reviewed at the April meeting.
According to the April minutes, the decision to go with concrete curb and asphalt was primarily due to the cost difference. To go all concrete was quoted at $220-$250,000, and to go with a mainly asphalt finish was around $162,000. The costs presented were also with the City crew preparing the site by removing rock.
It was reported at the April meeting that the “Sales Tax has pledged $150,000” for the project as well, and the Council approved the repair at the $162,000 cost, with the sales tax pledge and the remaining $12,000 coming from the excess Civic Center building funds.
Mackling reported Tuesday that the curbs will be 12 inches on the back and 6 inches on the front, which allows for a border for the asphalt, as well as curbs to protect the light poles.