Amanda Stuhr as Ariel

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by T. Adam Goos

Director of The Little Red Hen Theatre

The Little Red Hen Theatre just wrapped up its’ six-performance run of Disney’s The Little Mermaid, that won audiences over in waves!   A spectacle that featured nearly 50 talented performers of all ages from the surrounding area provided a top-notch experience for those lucky enough to secure a ticket.  Of the 6 performances held, 5 were sold out in advance of the performances with one house only a few seats shy of being completely full.  “We’re extremely grateful for the overwhelming support we’ve had from the community and patrons of the theatre, and their amazing response to this production”, says Little Red Hen Director T. Adam Goos, “we expected to have record breaking audiences, but this exceeded our expectations”.  Over 860 attended the performances over the run, with an estimated 47% of audiences coming from outside Dixon County and 73% of audiences, over 600 tickets sold, came from outside Wakefield.  Goos says that “. . .the response we’ve had to this production speaks not only to the incredible talent we have and our ability to produce high quality work, but to the impact local arts can have in our community, both socially and economically”.
Audiences were treated to incredible costumes, some great technical magic, wonderful storytelling, fantastic music, and some top-notch performances. The cast included Amanda Stuhr as Ariel, Daniel G. Oldenkamp as Prince Eric, Lindsay Bottger as Ursula, Katelyn Pommer as Sebastian, Barb Farup as Scuttle, Michael J. Pommer as Triton, Blake Craig as Grimsby, Maria Paredes as Flounder, Dawn Reimers as Flotsam, Victoria Nelson as Jetsam, Brian Johnson as Chef Louis, Jackson Pommer as Chef Louis and Pilot. Other featured cast members include Olivia Dekok, Eve Gilmore, Lexie Jackson, Kinslee Metzler, Rosalia Paredes, and Abby Wieseler as the Mersisters and Princess, Brandi Kolbeck, Elizabeth Carlson, Kayla Wiltman, Megan Engel, Monica Ebmeier, Rachel Ebmeier, Sophia Sebade, Abbigail Ruhland, Alyssa Weaver, Coltlynn Lortz, Diego Ruivalcaba, Dorothy Sullivan, Mayte Flores Garcia, Miguel Ibarra, Mirella Ruvalcaba, Nate Johnson, and Sawyer Brudigam. Arianna Nicole Juarez, Ella Reimers, Helena Wiltman, Khloe Kolbeeck, Lillian Wiltman, Lydia Engel, Madelyne Herting, Madison Kolbeck, Nora Sebade, and Sawyer Miller. The production is led by T. Adam Goos as Stage Director and Esly Ovando as Music Director, with assistance from Scott Mead, Melanie Loggins, and Audrey Loggins.
The production was made possible with support from the outstanding patrons of The Little Red Hen Theatre, and support from the Gardner Foundation, The Nebraska Arts Council and Nebraska Humanities, The Dixon County Convention & Visitors Bureau, and the Wayne County Convention and Visitors Bureau.  The theatre would like to express their gratitude to these entities for their fiduciary support, and to their volunteer actors and tech crew who put in countless hours this summer to make Disney’s The Little Mermaid such a tidal wave of success.
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