Some of the cast of Any Body for Tea?

Pictures from the production can be found here!

By Roxy Ekberg

Republican Staff

Wakefield Community School’s One Act started their season with a community performance on Saturday, November 5th.
The title of this year’s production is “Any Body for Tea?” by C.B. Gilford. With nine students in the cast and 17 on the crew, the team is prepping for a competitive season. Head coach Donna Johnson is challenging the troup to try new things.
“This year, the group is learning a lot, since they are young. Half of the cast is new to One Act this year, so there it a lot to teach and a lot to learn on all ends,” said Johnson.
Wakefield opens One Act to eighth graders even though it is a high school activity. Although these members cannot act on stage, they are able to be on the crew. This year, six eighth graders joined, making it the team’s first time with more than two nonhighschool members. The crew has been experimenting with their set, including the construction of a specialized couch with the help of Brian Johnson.
The production features Detective Dennis O’Finn as he investigates a death in his building and discovers that he is the motive for murder. Six sweet but slightly balmy neighbor ladies are all in love with O’Finn, and stage a homicide to get his attention.
Johnson is excited to see the progression of the team by the end of the season. “I am really proud of this group of students. They have come quite far in such a short time. They are getting out of their comfort zone more each day and making this play a fun one for all who come to watch. I’m excited to share it,” said Johnson.
The team will compete at the Lewis Conference One Act competition in Ponca at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, November 15th. A school performance will be held in the Wakefield main gym on Thursday, November 17th, at 2:30 p.m. The District C1-4 competition is on December 2nd in Macy, and Wakefield is estimated to perform at 1 p.m.
Additional pictures from the production on Saturday, November 5th at the school gym can be found on page 5 of this edition of the Republican.