Nicks Wood Shop

By Roxy Ekberg

Republican Staff

Nick’s Wood Shop moves to a new building after seven years in business. The store changed from its Main Street location to a custom-built workspace at 504 E 9th Street in Wakefield. The new location held an open house on Tuesday, December 20th. 

“We loved being on Main Street, however, adding more and more equipment and employees-the building we were in, we quickly outgrew!” said owner Nick Sebade. 

Growth was a great problem to have, but a problem nonetheless, said Sebade.

“Thanks to the city of Wakefield and TIFF funding, we were able to build a new shop custom to our needs and wants,” said Sebade. 

Sebade began woodworking in 2008. Focusing on small projects and some kitchens, his side business quickly overtook his full-time job. Sebade and wife Sophia decided to pursue Nick’s Wood Shop and took the “leap of faith” in July 2015.

Sebade describes his business as “not really a ‘job’ but a dream.” 

Since opening, the store has accumulated a waitlist ranging from six to nine months. Currently, it is booked until July of 2023. People want a better quality product and customer service said Sebade. 

“I like to get to know the customer and build a relationship versus someone in a random factory building a cabinet not knowing where it’s going,” said Sebade. 

He is able to build to customers’ wants. Changes and specifications range from color, style, and wood species. 

With the new building, Sebade hopes to increase organization and streamline projects, sending more products out the door. 

Nick’s Wood Shop is open for business and holds the same hours, Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Special arrangements outside of business hours can be made.