Daveigh Munter-McAfee
Yesenia Valenzuela, Anthony Valenzuela, Jordan Valenzuela, Aishah Valenzuela, Mario Valenzuela, Crystal Valenzuela, Delores Sanchez and children.
Cast and crew of By Zeus Olympus' Next Top Hero
Veterans who received Quilts of Valor at the Veterans Day Program at Wakefield Community Schools: Front row (l to r): Mariana McCutcheon, Scott Johnson, and Mason Nixon.  Second row (l to r): Dennis Tullberg, Ben Donner, Peter Pagan, and Matt Salmon.  Third row (l to r): Keith Krueger, Elliot Salmon, Alex Salmon, Kim Kline, and Sebastian Kramer.  Fourth (l to r): Nathan Salmon, Bob Hurley, Jennifer (Salmon) Hurley , Cameron Stickley, and Alex Nunez.
The L&C honor choir
The Lady Trojans celebrating a win in the sub-district first round
The ballot envelope
Michael Dickens
The Riewers along with Governor Pillen at the ribbon cutting for the Exchange
The Lady Trojans
Members of the Allen and Wakefield Fire Depts fighting the fire
The Trojans stopping a Warrior run
A Fun Pianos show
Katelyn Pommer and Elizabeth Carlson
Daveigh Munter-McAfee
2023-2024 budget explanation
Trojans making a tackle.
Jordan Metzler and Sierra Kaufman
The Board of Education will be asking the public for enough bond funds to cover additions, renovations, and repairs to the school under the proposed plan, should it pass with the needed number of votes.
Lady Trojans celebrating beating Ponca