Wakefield boys track team
'Round Up' by Ashlyn Boeckenhauer
3d rendering of the treatment plant
Cade Johnson signing with Morningside
The Play that Goes Wrong
Troop 172
Seven site locations were presented again at the Committee meeting on Feb. 16, no decisions were made, and all seven locations be viewed on the County’s website under the  jail/courthouse information link on the homepage.
Sam Chase
Virgil, Nick, and Lyle Ekberg
Joseph Hall
From left, Stephanie Bishop (VA '01), vice president of the Milken Educator Awards; Nebraska U.S. Representative Don Bacon; veteran Milken Educator Rebecca Streff (NE '18); recipient Lisa Moody; veteran Milken Educator Roger Kassebaum (NE '97); Omaha Public Schools Deputy Superintendent Matt Ray; and Nebraska Deputy Commissioner of School Improvement and Support Dr. Deborah Frison.
Ronnie Ramierz
Nicks Wood Shop
Ashlyn Riewer
Cade Johnson
Jacob Birkley
Festival of trees
Some of the cast of Any Body for Tea?
Landon Ryion
Wakefield singing at the Choral Concert